Keeping pigs and people healthy in Myanmar

How a research programme with capacity-building at its heart is helping efforts to shed light on livestock disease and antimicrobial resistance in the world’s fastest-growing pig producing country.

Myanmar’s Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

A valued source of income and social status

Although reliable numbers are hard to come by, in the five years to 2014 the pig population in Myanmar is thought to have increased by nearly 80%, and the country is expected to show the world’s fastest growth in pig production over the next decade or more.

A pig farmer and one of his sows in Yangon region.

One Health

The Myanmar Pig Partnership is a multidisciplinary One Health research project exploring the risk of disease from pigs in Myanmar as the country’s livestock sector experiences growth and intensification.

Before refurbishment.
Undertaking the refurbishment.
Sample processing room after the refurbishment.

Ensuring sustainable expertise

Equipment on its own only goes so far in the battle to keep livestock disease and antimicrobial resistance risks at bay.

Yangon lab staff are trained in how to use new equipment.
Training in the laboratory.
Training on farms.

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