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  • Jura Stanaityte

    Jura Stanaityte

    Connects the dots. Prefers truth, but embraces complexity. Content & innovation in education, publishing/STM, consumer insight.

  • Aruwa Agonoh

    Aruwa Agonoh

    passionate about Agriculture and human empowerment.

  • CASE


    Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion. Research on social disadvantage and examination of the impact of public policy. RTs don't imply endorsement

  • Mario Flavio Benini

    Mario Flavio Benini

    Creative Director METAZoo - http://metazoo.it - Non sembra un idiota e non parla come un’idiota, ma non lasciatevi ingannare Mario Flavio Benini NON è un idiota

  • Alchemist Butterfly

    Alchemist Butterfly

    Social alchemy apprentice trying to make market systems more inclusive, efficient and productive through the power of facilitation. (Lucho Osorio's pro account)

  • Paul Nightingale

    Paul Nightingale

    Deputy Director Science Policy Research Unit (@Sussex) @SPRU, @ResearchPolicy, @ICC Helping journos & SCs with @ESRC funded soc-science

  • IIEA


    The Institute of International and European Affairs is Ireland’s leading think-tank on European and international affairs.

  • Katie Clancy

    Katie Clancy

    GlobeTrotter/Explorer. I love adventures, global connectivity, ICTs, human rights, migration and ending poverty. I also like shiny things.

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